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Adoption Educational Workshops

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Open Adoption

Navigating Contact
with Birthparents

You've likely heard of open adoption but continue to have unanswered questions and concerns about what openness in adoption really means. You are not alone! 

Open adoption can seem scary or unsettling without the proper education, although it is the most common type of adoption in today's society and yields the best outcomes for all involved. This workshop will explore and debunk common myths and stereotypes about adoption and birthparents that fuel the fears/concerns many have when first pondering openness. 

In addition, attendees will learn about who birthparents are and reasons for choosing adoption. Current open adoption statistics and best adoption practices based on current literature and evidenced-based research will be shared. Lastly, attendees will gain an understanding of open adoption and the benefits on each triad member: adoptive parents, birthparents, and child.

This workshop will prepare you to decide what degree of openness is right for you and what it looks like in real-life.

Many prospective adoptive parents as well as adoptive families have questions, fears, and seek guidance when it comes to establishing and maintaining ongoing contact with birthparents both during the adoption process and after placement of the child in their home. 

This workshop will prepare prospective adoptive parents for initial contact with birthparents, how to build upon relationships and communication during the match period, and creating a plan for ongoing contact. 

This workshop will provide attendees with tips for communicating with birthparents, education on the match process, and the important role of a social worker. In addition, attendees will be educated on ongoing/post-adoption contact agreements, maintaining post-adoption contact, and navigating relationships in open adoption. Lastly, you will also learn about types of adoption scams, warning signs, and how to protect against them.

This workshop is beneficial for prospective adoptive families who are looking to connect with birthparents through their own networking and who need guidance in preparing to have contact. This workshop is also beneficial for adoptive families who plan to have an open or semi-open adoption. 

Networking your Adoption Journey!

You've probably read online about adoption profiles or books, but may be wondering how you are going to stand out so a prospective birthparent may decide you are the ones to adopt her child.  You may have heard that profiles should give a glimpse of what it would be like for a child to grow up in your home, but don't know where to begin. 

This workshop will help you take control of your adoption process by ensuring your profile is visible to prospective birthparents, rather than sitting back and waiting for your adoption entity to find her. This is a great way to empower yourself on this journey to becoming a family!

This workshop will address the benefits of networking your adoption journey, platforms/marketing options available, and ways to build your adoption community. 

Attendees will be given discounted package options with our recommended graphic web/designers who specialize in creating adoption profiles, websites, marketing materials, Ad campaigns, and more!