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Post-Adoption Services

Post-Adoption Counseling

We offer individual and family counseling to address post-adoption concerns and issues for any member of the adoption triad. Whether you need guidance on talking to your child about his/her adoption story, or you are trying to navigate ongoing contact with your child's birth family we are here to help! 

We can also provide assistance with managing undesired behaviors or ensuring your family is developing a healthy and secure attachment to one another. Our approach will be unique to each family depending on your situation and specific needs; however, we often utilize attachment-based counseling and family building techniques specific to adoption needs and/or behavioral modification techniques.

Some counseling topics include:

•Guidance on talking to your child about his/her adoption story

•How to navigate ongoing contact with your child's birth family 

•Assistance with managing undesired behaviors 

•Development of healthy and secure attachment

•Grief/loss related issues

•How to share/discuss adoption with your birth child(ren)

Support Groups

Drop-in support group for individuals or couples considering or pursuing adoption as well as adoptive parents seeking post-adoption support. The group will provide an opportunity to connect with others in the community who share similar questions and concerns regarding adoption, as well as provide professional guidance and education regarding adoption-related concerns. The group is open to adults and is a facilitated by an adoption-competent licensed clinical social worker. Childcare is not currently provided for individuals and families already parenting. Pre-registering is highly recommended -  Contact us for more details on dates/times/location.