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Adoption Match Support and Counseling

Whether you are an expectant parent or prospective adoptive parent, we can provide 

emotional support and guidance throughout an adoptive match. 

Our social workers will collaborate with both the prospective birth and adoptive parents to guide you through the challenging concerns and steps throughout the process. We will help facilitate meet ups to help you get to know one another while also fostering the ability to have direct contact with one another. We help prepare for the hospital stay, discuss type and amount of contact you plan to have with one another, and be a support for all members of the adoption triad. We offer grief counseling to expectant and birthparents and offer support and match updates to prospective adoptive parents. We also work with your adoption attorney or agency to provide documentation necessary for the placement and legal process.

Adoption Match Services

Counseling & Support

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We believe it is very important that birthparents receive counseling, education, and support when considering adoption, making an adoption plan, and after placement. 

Our counselors are master-level, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) as well as adoption-competent certified. 

Counseling sessions are offered via phone/video chat and in-person depending on preference  The frequency of sessions are determined during the initial assessment and interview with birthparent. 

Counseling covers a variety of topics, some include anticipatory grief/loss, preparing for match meeting and hospital/contact agreement meeting, exploring role as birthparent, and discussing adoption with children already parenting.

In addition to counseling, the social worker can provide assistance with linking with community resources, goverment programs (i.e. Medicaid, food stamps, etc), as well as coordinating birthparent expenses, housing, transportation, and other idenitifed needs. Case Management assistance depends on birthparent(s) specific situation.

Birthfather is also eligible for counseling services if desired/involved. 

Follow Up/ Ongoing Risk Assessment for Adoptive Parents

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We find that adoptive parents greatly benefit during the match period from continued support, education, and ongoing risk assessments specific to their match. We pride ourselves on being empathetic as well as transparent in our communication with our clients. 

The social worker assisting in the match will follow-up with adoptive parents with updates related to the adoption plan and share ongoing risk assessments. 

The social worker will prepare the adoptive parents for the match meeting, hospital plan and experience, and creation of the post-adoption contact agreement and meeting. 

The social worker will collaborate with the adoptive parent's adoption entity/attorney and coordinate following birthparent contact as needed. This also includes the possibility for facilitating communication between adoptive parents and birthparent(s). 

This services can be performed in the office or by phone/video, depending on adoptive parent’s preference.

*Please note, confidential information not related to the adoption plan that is shared in counseling sessions with birthparent(s) will not be discussed with adoptive parents'

Match Meeting

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The social worker will prepare and facilitate a match meeting with both adoptive parents and birthparents. The match meeting sets a foundation for birth and adoptive parents to start their relationship and ensure they will be able to meet child’s needs and each other’s desires/expectations.

The purpose of a match meeting is for the birthparent(s) to meet with the adoptive parents to get to know one another and discuss relevant topics to the adoption. A variety of topics will be covered including learning about each other’s backgrounds, reasons for pursuing adoption and selection of one another, information about birthfather if not present, and discussions about medical, mental health, and/or substance abuse, if applicable.  

The match meeting provides the opportunity for everyone involved to determine if they feel comfortable moving forward and continue to believe it is a good match.

Match meeting can occur in the office, community location, or phone/video chat in extenuating circumstances. On average, meeting is 2-3 hours. Risk assessment provided to adoptive parents.

In order to utilize best practices, meeting should be facilitated by adoption social worker/entity to ensure important topics are being discussed and to help work through difficult conversations.

Hospital Plan/Post-Adoption Contact Agreement

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The social worker will facilitate a hospital plan and post-contact agreement meeting with both adoptive parents and birthparents prior to hospital stay/placement.

The social worker will individually discuss ongoing contact wishes/desires with both adoptive parents and birthparents to ensure they are aligned, realistic, and are a good match. The social worker will complete a written post-adoption contact agreement for contact arrangements and provide copies. 

Also, the social worker will assist in completing hospital preparation plans prior to birth/hospital stay with birthparents to determine her wishes/desires during this time. In the joint meeting with both the adoptive parents and birthparents, the social worker will discuss birthparent's wishes/desires for the hospital stay.

This service to be completed in the office, community location, or phone/video chat in extenuating circumstances. On average, meeting is 2 hours.

The social worker will provide the adoptive parents with information about preparation for the hospital stay, such as important items to bring with you (i.e.,  important documentation, ID’s,car seat)

Contact & Support 

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The social worker will ensure hospital is informed of the plan and will inquire about the hospital’s procedures, if hospital is adoption friendly, their procedures for adoption placements, etc. This will help the adoptive parents and birthparents be prepared and have an idea of what to expect.

The Social work will provide emotional support during this time via phone contact and a visit to hospital as requested by the birthparent for support during consent signing and experience. 

The social worker will provide guidance and emotional support to the adoptive family as well.

Hospital plans are always tentative and can change based on birthparent’s wishes at that time or hospital’s involvement, so be prepared to “go with the flow,” and follow the direction of your social worker.

During the hospital experience, It is imperative to follow the birthmother’s wishes. Whether she wants time to spend with baby or wants you to be involved and there to assist, follow her lead. Be sensitive to her emotions during this time, and remember this is the only time she is able to spend alone with baby, if she desires, prior to signing to terminate her rights.