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Adoption Match Support Meeting

The social worker will prepare and facilitate a match meeting with both adoptive parents and birthparents. The match meeting sets a foundation for birth and adoptive parents to start their relationship and ensure they will be able to meet child’s needs and each other’s desires/expectations.

The purpose of a match meeting is for the birthparent(s) to meet with the adoptive parents to get to know one another and discuss relevant topics to the adoption. A variety of topics will be covered including learning about each other’s backgrounds, reasons for pursuing adoption and selection of one another, information about birthfather if not present, and discussions about medical, mental health, and/or substance abuse, if applicable.  

The match meeting provides the opportunity for everyone involved to determine if they feel comfortable moving forward and continue to believe it is a good match. 

Match meeting can occur in the office, community location, or phone/video chat in extenuating circumstances. On average, meeting is 2-3 hours. Risk assessment provided to adoptive parents.

In order to utilize best practices, meeting should be facilitated by adoption social worker/entity to ensure important topics are being discussed and to help work through difficult conversations.