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Creations of Hospital Plan & Post-Contact Agreement

The social worker will facilitate a hospital plan and post-contact agreement meeting with both adoptive parents and birthparents prior to hospital stay/placement. This service to be completed in the office, community location, or phone/video chat in extenuating circumstances.  

On average, meeting is 2 hours.

The social worker will individually discuss ongoing contact wishes/desires with both adoptive parents and birthparents to ensure they are aligned, realistic, and are a good match. The social worker will complete a written post-adoption contact agreement for contact arrangements and provide copies. 

Also, the social worker will assist in completing hospital preparation plans prior to birth/hospital stay with birthparents to determine her wishes/desires during this time. In the joint meeting with both the adoptive parents and birthparents, the social worker will discuss birthparent's wishes/desires for the hospital stay.

                                 The social worker will provide the adoptive parents with information about preparation for the 

hospital stay, such as important items to bring with you (i.e., important documentation, ID’s, car seat).