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Ongoing Adoption Plan Support and Risk Assessments 

We find that adoptive parents greatly benefit during the match period from continued support, education, and ongoing risk assessments specific to their match. We pride ourselves on being empathetic as well as transparent in our communication with our clients. This services can be performed in the office or by phone/video, depending on adoptive parent’s preference.

The social worker assisting in the match will follow-up with adoptive parents with updates related to the adoption plan and share ongoing risk assessments. The social worker will prepare the adoptive parents for the match meeting, hospital plan and experience, and creation of the post-adoption contact agreement and meeting. 

The social worker will collaborate with the adoptive parent's adoption entity/attorney and coordinate following birthparent contact as needed. This also  includes the possibility for facilitating communication between adoptive parents and birthparent(s). 

*Please note, confidential information not related to the adoption plan that is shared in counseling sessions with birthparent(s) will not be discussed with adoptive parents.