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Specializing in adoption-related services, support and education,
and mental health counseling

Adoption-Related Services


Our adoption consultation service consists of a 1-hour in-person meeting or video/ phone conference with a licensed professional to discuss options for individuals or families considering adoption to expand their family. Our knowledgeable counselors will provide information regarding types of adoption and allow you the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your family's needs. This service helps ensure individuals and couples are making an informed decision about expanding their family. Resources and information specific to your individual and family's needs will be provided.

Home Study Consultation

We provide in-person home study consultations to individuals and families who are ready to pursue adoption as a way to expand their family. This consultation is required to complete a home study and will serve as the first step in the process. You will have the opportunity to meet with a licensed clinical social worker to discuss your specific situation and needs, and basic information will be gathered in preparation for the the home study. Upon appropriate completion of the consultation, your licensed clinical social worker will continue working with you to complete your home study. Fees for this service will be applied to the domestic home study.

Domestic Home Study/Update

We complete domestic home study and home study updates for individuals and families pursuing a private adoption for an infant or child up to 5 years old. Our licensed clinical social workers will guide you through the entire process, from obtaining and reviewing all required documentation to completing interviews and an in-home visit. Upon approval, you will receive a copy of your home study report that is required for an adoptive placement of an infant or child. Your home study will satisfy all requirements necessary for a domestic adoptive placement. Expedited services are also available for time-sensitive situations.

Educational Workshops

We offer educational workshops to ensure individuals, families, and/or professionals are receiving comprehensive education about adoption, the process, and adoptive parenting. Important topics to be covered include research-driven information on best adoption practices, special considerations in adoption, how/when to talk to your child about adoption, and openness in adoption. These workshops are offered in an interactive, online setting to accommodate for a busy lifestyle and allow for attendees to easily interact with the host. In addition to the webinar slides, attendees will receive handouts and resources specifically related to the topic. All workshops are led by an Certified Adoption-Competent professional.

Support Group

Drop-in support group for individuals or couples considering or pursuing adoption as well as adoptive parents seeking post-adoption support. The group will provide an opportunity to connect with others in the community who share similar questions and concerns regarding adoption, as well as provide professional guidance and education regarding adoption-related concerns. The group is open to adults and is a facilitated by an adoption-competent licensed clinical social worker. Childcare is not currently provided for individuals and families already parenting. Pre-registering is highly recommended -  Contact us for more details on dates/times/location .

Post-placement Supervision

We currently offer post-placement supervision for families residing in Florida who have completed a domestic adoptive placement anywhere in the United States. Our licensed clinical social workers will collaborate with your adoption entity in order to provide necessary recommendations to the courts and ensure all regulations are met. Your counselor will complete required family visits and reports in order to be eligible to finalize your child's adoption.  Education and guidance necessary to ensure your family is adjusting well and forming healthy attachments will also be provided.


Expectant/Birth Parent Counseling & Match Services

We provide emotional support and guidance to expectant parents making an adoption plan - from when you are starting the process, throughout the pregnancy and birth, and following the placement. Our social workers will be your advocate while also working with your adoption attorney to ensure you are able to guide your own plan, make choices about the adoptive family, prepare for the hospital stay, and select the type and amount of contact you would like to have with your child and the adoptive parents - before and after the placement. Our goal is to ease the process, be a source of support, and prepare you for the grief and loss involved with the adoption process. All services to expectant parents and birthparents making an adoption plan are provided at no cost.

Match Support &  Counseling


Whether you are an expectant parent or prospective adoptive parent, we can provide emotional support and guidance throughout an adoptive match. Our social workers will collaborate with both the prospective birth and adoptive parents to guide you through the challenging concerns and steps throughout the process. We will help facilitate meet ups to help you get to know one another while also fostering the ability to have direct contact with one another. We help prepare for the hospital stay, discuss type and amount of contact you plan to have with one another, and be a support for all members of the adoption triad. We offer grief counseling to expectant and birthparents and offer support and match updates to prospective adoptive parents. We also work with your adoption attorney or agency to provide documentation necessary for the placement

and legal process.

Family Counseling


We offer individual and family counseling to address post-adoption concerns and issues for any member of the adoption triad. Whether you need guidance on talking to your child about his/her adoption story, or you are trying to navigate ongoing contact with your child's birth family we are here to help! We can also provide assistance with managing undesired behaviors or ensuring your family is developing a healthy and secure attachment to one another. Our approach will be unique to each family depending on your situation and specific needs; however, we often utilize attachment-based counseling and family building techniques specific to adoption needs and/or behavioral modification techniques.