Foundations for Growth            

Specializing in adoption-related services, support and education,
and mental health counseling

What Services Do We Offer?

We are a private counseling practice specializing in adoption-related services, 
support & education, and mental health counseling

We provide a variety of adoption-related services throughout any stage of the adoption process, and work with any member of the adoption triad as well as provide post-adoption support and counseling for birth & adoptive families.  We are strong advocates of open adoption and ensuring all families receive education & support on all options in order to make an informed decision about planning for their family. 

We offer FREE adoption information sessions for prospective adoptive parent(s)
to learn more about the adoption process & our services.

Foundations for Growth also provides private mental health counseling services for adults, teens, children, and families for a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. 

Please visit the specific pages on our website for more details on our services, or
give us a call for a free phone consultation!  

Recent News

Foundations for Growth had the opportunity to share with ABC Action News how our support and services assisted a local Florida family complete the placement and finalization of their son after experiencing the abrupt closure of their adoption agency. 

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Adoption Educational Workshops

 Adoption educational workshops are designed for current and prospective adoptive parents and/or professionals! 

The workshops are offered in a convenient, online setting. The workshops will cover an array of adoption related topics, such as:

Current Adoption Trends/Statistics

Myths and Stereotypes about Adoption 

Open Adoption Practices

Managing the Wait Period

Networking & Financing your Adoption Journey

Tips for Matching with Expectant Parents

Grief & Loss in the Adoption Triad

Attachment & Bonding

Raising an Adopted Child: Infancy-Teen years

   Talking to Your Child about Adoption  

Adoption in the School Setting

Managing Contact with a Child's Birth Family